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So, You Have an Idea for an Opera…

On our EiO website, we have a form where artists can submit proposals to be considered for our future seasons. We get a steady stream of opera pitches at this address every week and try to get back to everyone in due time. Since we find many similarities in how composers conceive of their projects, […]

Outcome to Show Them

As an artist, I often bristle at the idea of an outcome.  My work as a composer is the outcome. That musicians have music on their stands and the resulting sounds were as I intended is the outcome.  For a painter an outcome might be a painting. For a writer, poem.   But for another segment of […]

Research and Disruption

For a certain kind of dreamer,  Bell Laboratories feels like the Land Of Oz.  The scientists working at the Princeton, New Jersey campus were the technology explorers of their time.  In tandem to the basic telephony services that their colleagues on the other side of campus were administering, the engineers at the labs developed some of the […]

The Straight Story? (pt. 1)

The conversation we have most frequently at Experiments in Opera is about how to prioritize narrative in opera.  Jason, Matt and I each come to opera with different sensibilities about how important the narrative is to the experience of music and story.  Composers we work with tend to fall into the same two camps that we […]

Fall Auction Benefit

Experiments in Opera held its Fall Auction benefit on Saturday November 8, 2014 in Brooklyn.  In addition to great art by the generous EiO community, we featured food from local purveyors and live performances by two of our regular singers.  The event was a huge success, and as the pictures below demonstrate, lots of fun, […]


When we met at Starbucks in Union Square earlier this week, it was ostensibly to tie together our scripts and come up with a single version of Sisyphus.  It ended up being that and also a representation of negotiated collaboration, each of us bringing a part of our work to the table and figuring out […]

Finding the Story

  We met up on Sunday September 28, 2014  with our team of composers working on new operas for our April 2015 ‘Story Binge’ at Roulette.  It was a great chance to see where everyone was at with their librettos and treatments for their work. Everyone was in slightly different places as far as how developed the […]

Our New Website

We are thrilled to share this new website with you.  We think it is a vast improvement on our last version, emphasizing some of the stunning images from our productions as well as the video interviews with composers that have become such an important part of our attempts to contextualize our work. In addition to […]

EiO Brother Brother Publicity Materials

Download Press Release Video Introduction from The Industry’s ‘First Take’ in Spring 2013   Brother Brother Audio Photos Aaron Siegel, Composer and Librettist of Brother Brother Click for Hi Res 300 dpi file (photo by Kevin McGrath)     Stage Design model for ‘Brother Brother’ by Mimi Lien

Radio Operas

Radio Operas February 28 – March 1, 2014 | 8pm Tickets: $20 Purchase a Season Subscription and save $15. This program of radio operas will feature works that include spoken texts, sound effects and music and draw on the audiences’ imagination to create vivid stage images. Commissioned artists will include Jonathan Mitchell of “The Truth” podcast, Jason Cady and Ann Heppermann, Aaron Siegel, John […]

In Progress — WOW

New Shorts composer, Joe Diebes, writes: I’m currently composing a new opera, WOW, in collaboration with director David Levine and poet Christian Hawkey.  WOW has a completely different instrumentation than that of Hotel Elefant, and so rather than trying to adapt the work I decided to try a different direction for the project.  Sometimes unexpected […]

In Progress — A Window to a Door

From New Shorts composer, Leaha Maria Villarreal: What is opera? When is a work ‘operatic?’ When does an aria become an art song…and vice versa? And what about rock operas?! What’s the deal with those? These questions & more swirled in head as I mulled over my commission from Experiments in Opera for their ‘New […]

In Progress — I am a Fish

New Shorts composer, Mary Kouyoumdjian, writes this about her upcoming premiere of “I am a Fish:” I have a rather deep and dark confession: I generally don’t enjoy going to the Opera. I know, I know… opera lovers, go ahead and banish me now. Something about sitting in a stiff seat for three hours while […]