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In Progress – End Times

From New Shorts composer, Ruby Fulton: “End Times” is one scene from Adam’s Run, a larger work that I’m collaborating on with Baltimore writer and news reporter Baynard Woods. It is the near future and the weather has become completely unpredictable. One day it may snow while the next is 100 degrees. In this landscape, […]

In Progress – Resonant Combinations

New Shorts Composer Robert Ashley writes: Resonant Combinations is a series of sixteen sounds made at the piano. The sounds come from a piano note being struck while five other piano keys are silently depressed. This technique gives the struck note a subtle harmonic aura. Each sound ends when it is no longer heard. Resonant […]

In Progress – The God’s Script

New Shorts Composer, Justin Tierney, writes: The February 9th performance of “Escritura del Dios” at the Issue Project Room presents the final two scenes of this 14 scene monodrama. These last two were chosen because they are the most telling and are narratively (and hopefully musically) satisfying by themselves as they sum up the drama and themes […]

In Progress – The Mother

From Experiments in Opera co-founder and New Shorts composer, Jason Cady: I recently finished composing a comic-opera short called The Mother. It’s about an aspiring singer-songwriter who is surprised to find out that her retired mother has learned how to play guitar and is writing songs. She is even more surprised when her mother becomes […]

In Progress – ‘Bodiless’

Experiments in Opera commissioned Gabrielle Herbst to write a new opera for the upcoming New Shorts event at Issue Project Room.  Here is Gabrielle with some of her thoughts on her new piece, Bodiless: “I used to feel guilty at night. I live in, I always used to live in two countries, the diurnal one […]

In Progress – The Collector

  Composer Aaron Siegel writes: I am working on a new monodrama opera, called ‘The Collector’ for the upcoming Experiments in Opera ‘New Shorts’ event on February 9, 2013 at Issue Project Room. I am also slogging through a much larger piece, Brother Brother, so with ‘The Collector’ I have been enjoying the opportunity to […]