Cough Button is a creative troika dedicated to exploring the narrative and sonic possibilities of mixing radio transmissions into live performance and installation. Cough Button consists of Aliza Simons, Lynn Levy, & Dave Ruder.

Lynn Levy is a documentary producer who has worked in film, television and radio.  She is currently working for WNYC’s Radiolab.  Lynn graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in Film Studies and a cardboard box full of blank cassette tapes (still waiting to be used).

Dave Ruder has spent much of the last year performing in, arranging, and creating new mutlimedia & site-specific operas.  He performed in Robert Ashley’s That Morning Thing, co-arranged and performed in Ashley’s Perfect Lives Manhattan as 1/5 of Varispeed, took part in a performance of Aaron Siegel’s Brother Brother, and has worked with Panoply Performance Laboratory on Nature Fetish, Institute_Institut, and TIME: A Complete Explanation in 3 parts (with thingNY).  Dave is an active clarinetist/guitarist/vocalist/electronicist and composer (among other things).  In addition to Cough Button, he is a member of Varispeed (durational performance & opera), Gamelan Kusuma Laras (NYC’s only Javanese gamelan), Sweat Lodge (new music composing/performing squad), Why Lie? (song & storytelling duo), and helps run Performers Forum (a monthly series at Exapno).  Dave studied music at Wesleyan University and Brooklyn College. For more information about Dave, visit his website at:

 New York City native Aliza Simons wears many different hats: transmission artist, musician, composer, oral historian, championwhistler. A graduate of Wesleyan University, she was awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship in 2010 to spend a year visiting community radio stations and conducting interviews with radio DJs and journalists in Northern Canada, South America and Western Africa. In 2011, she collaborated in arranging and performing a site-specific adaptation of Robert Ashley’s made-for-TV opera Perfect Lives with composer-collective Varispeed as part of Performa ’11. She also performed in a restaging of Ashley’sThat Morning Thing at The Kitchen as well as the premier of World War III Just the Highlights, alongside baritone vocalist Thomas Buckner. She is a member of Why Lie? the band, WHY LIE? the ensemble and yet-to-be-named duo with percussionist David Grollman.

 Visit the Cough Button website for more information.