Experiments in Opera’s 2016-17 Season is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

Experiments in Opera’s 2016-17 Season is made possible by support from the Casement Fund.

Support for Flash Operas was provided by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.

The activities of Experiments in Opera are made possible by the generous support of the following members of our community:

$1000 and above
New York State Council for the Arts
The Casement Fund, LLC.

$500 to $1000

Nadia Bernstein and Robbie Lee
Carole Cheung
Erin Flannery
Barbara Lee
Steven and Esther Kravitz
Kathleen Schiaparelli
Grace Sur

$100 to $500
Nadia Berenstein
Thomas Buckner
Dennis Cady
Marsha Cady
Valerie Dillon
Dan Friel and Sarah Kornbluth
Daniel Gercke and Melissa Clark
Whitney Stewart Gravel
Ann Heppermann
Donna Heppermann
Don Heppermann
Sarah Johnson
Rebecca Kim
Karen Martin
Bosiljka Raditsa
Reuben Radding
Marvin and Elsa Ross-Greifinger
Ron Singer and Elizabeth Yamin
Barbara C. Thorpe
Bonnie Wright
Brad Wolchansky and Aga Trojniak
Peter Yamin

Up to $100
Laurie Alban Havens
John Andrew
Steve Ausbury
Supriya Bajoria
Liz Behrend
David Bloom
Cynthia Bourne
Todd and Kate Brunner
Thomas Cabaniss
Hai-Ting Chinn
Danyon Davis
Chris and Stephanie Doire
Orla Dunstan
Matt Frey
Ruby Fulton
Miriam Gandell
Aleba Gartner
Elaine Georges
Christian Grammel
John Hagan
Elisabeth Halliday
Michele Kennedy
John King
Mary Kouyoumdjian
Andrew Lim
Richard Mannoia
Peter McDowell
Daniel Neer
Andrea Peterson
Kala Pierson
Paul Pinto
Hajnal Pivnick
Sarah-Jane Ripa
Brendon Randall Myers
Scott Rosenberg
Stephen Rush
Alison Saltz
Gary Schwartz
Jonas Siegel and Sara Baum
Shira Siegel and Daniel Bromberg
Jessica Silverman
Beth Snodgrass
Michael Stone-Richards
Vicky Taliaferro
Justin Tierney
Molly Thompson
Kate Urcioli and Matt Bauder
Leaha Villarreal
Eli Yamin
Michael Zapruder

As of 1/18/17

We are also grateful to the following organizations for their past support of our work and community: