“[Experiments in Opera] is telling stories that are not being told in other places…Exploring what opera means.”

Wall Street Journal
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“An innovative opera venture”

The New York Times
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“As for the fungibility of the New Shorts operas, only time, that most wayward of arbiters, will tell which ones have legs. Their variety and consistently high quality impressed me, though, and the audience’s enthusiasm never flagged during a program of pithy works that added up to an epic-length evening.”

Marion Lignana Rosenberg on WQXR’s Operavore Blog
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“[New Shorts] is a genuinely experimental impulse, allowed to set off impulsively in all directions.”

Rick Burkhardt on CultureBot
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“The works in New Shorts clearly demonstrated that the program’s composers, vocalists, and musicians are talented, fearless, and congenial. Seeing their works brought to fruition will be gratifying; seeing them in preview was a gift.”

David St.-Lascaux on Brooklyn Rail
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“['Happiness is the Problem'] kept the energy hovering at 11 consistently, fusing the stilettoed coloratura of Mozart’s “Queen of the Night” with Glass at his most hyper-caffeinated; you’re left gasping at the end for a reprieve, while admiring the psychological underpinnings of Cady’s work.”

- Olivia Giovetti on WQXR’s Opravore Blog
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“[While] Cady emphasizes his desire to present works that someone would readily identify as genuine ‘opera,’ all three artists [Matthew Welch, Jason Cady and Aaron Siegel] are united in an active effort to resist bottling up one notion of opera as one Authoritative and Unequivocal Thing. According to Siegel, choosing not to explicitly define opera enables the trio to ‘raise more questions.'”

- Daniel J. Kushner, The Huffington Post
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Collective Interview with Experiements in Opera Composers on ‘I Care If You Listen’

Preview of the Spring Series on Feast of Music Blog

Preview of the Spring Series on ClassicalTV

“Experiments in Opera, illustrates perfectly the bootstraps gumption of New York’s musical community. Like VOX, this program offers excerpts from multiple works in various styles; the initial outing covers the jazz-punk vivacity of Matthew Welch’s Borges and the Other; Jason Cady’s bubbly, brainy Happiness Is the Problem; Aaron Siegel’s shimmering Brother Brother; and George Aperghis’s Sextour: l’origine des especes. That last work, a provocative gloss on writings by Darwin and Stephen Jay Gould, seems ideally suited to an evening that’s all about evolution.”

- Steve Smith in TimeOut New York
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Jason Cady on East Village Radio sharing excerpts of his opera “Happiness is the Problem”

Review of Matthew Welch’s opera “Borges and the Other” on Megs New Music Blog

The Founders of Hotel Elefant discuss their work and ‘New Shorts’ on The Box is Empty