Hungry for Something New?

Bite into our vision for opera.

At Experiments in Opera, NEW is all we do.  We have commissioned 19 new works in the 2015 calendar year from composers who are at the center of new opera.  That’s 19 pieces of vocal music and theater that didn’t exist this time last year. They simply weren’t here!  But now they are, all because our community of composers, musicians, designers, directors, and audience willed them into existence.

Creating new work is risky business.  But the payoff is extraordinary.

“[Experiments in Opera] is telling stories that are not being told in other places…Exploring what opera means.”

– Wall Street Journal

Experiments in Opera has commissioned composers who we believe will be seen as the leading voices in their field.  In a few years, imagine how wonderful it will be to toast their work with the memory that you were a key part of making these early and seminal works happen.

Sold-out audiences at Sisyphus (February), Story Binge (April), and Travel Agency is On Fire (October) all witnessed the tremendous energy of artists working to create work that was at turns playful, funny, serious and dark.

It’s this variety of voices, tones and stories that gives our work a freshness and accessibility that keeps our community and audiences engaged and excited.

As you consider your year-end giving, we hope you will consider Experiments in Opera and our dedication to making opportunities for composers who connect life and art in the twenty-first century.

This time next year, there will be a whole new batch of new composers and works to celebrate.  Come and be a part of our experiment.


Jason, Aaron and Matt

Co-Founders of Experiments in Opera