Scene 5: Golfman

Scene 10: The Eagle

Scene 12: Sisyphus Aria 1


There’s more to the myth of Sisyphus than a man pushing a boulder up a hill. In this new, collaboratively-composed evening-length opera, the famous story is twisted, pulled apart, and reassembled in a collage of characters, genres and questions. Sisyphus features texts and music by the three founders of Experiments in Opera: Jason Cady, Aaron Siegel, and Matthew Welch and was premiered at Abrons Arts Center in February 2015.

Here’s what the press had to say:

“What makes Experiments in Opera’s Sisyphus notable is how entertaining it is; what makes it unusual is how the three composers went about making it.”

New York Classical Review | Full Review

“[Sisyphus is] a daring experiment for three talented composers. Fortunately it is also a highly interesting one to experience.”

Stage Buddy | Full Review

“EiO has quickly become a vital part of the subculture, testing boundaries and changing the way we think of opera as a genre.”

New Criterion | Full Review

Interview with Director and Designer



Lucy Dhegrae, soprano
Kate Maroney, mezzo-soprano
Vince B. Vincent, tenor
Joe Bergen, vibraphone
Meaghan Burke, cello
Shawn Lovato, contrabass
Jason Cady, modular synthesizer
Matthew Welch, conductor


Ethan Heard, director
Kristen Robinson, stage design
Masha Tsimring, lighting designer
Nick Hussong, projection designer
Maria Hooper, costume designer
Esti Bernstein, production stage manager