Crystal’s Channel / Souls Unscreened

Brooklyn Art Haus
24 Marcy Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
May 30, 2024, @ 7:30 pm

Every season, Experiments in Opera produces a handful of workshop performances of new works that are just starting out their development journey.  These efforts, grouped under the program of Off The Ground, are important investments into the future of not just our programming, but the opera ecosystem as a whole.

Crystal’s Channel

An opera featuring a solo singer with a ventriloquist doll and guitar. She portrays a songwriter who uploads a new, original song everyday to Youtube. The singer and dummy, together, tell the funny and painful story of how she mastered ventriloquism in her adolescence—and how that obsession ended when her mother took her and the doll to an exorcist.

Libretto and Composition: Jason Cady

Soprano and Electric Guitar: Sarah Daniels

Direction: Shannon Sindelar

    Produced in association with Alter Ego Chamber Opera

    Soul’s Unscreened

    The first act of an installation opera about a computer scientist deepfaking herself during the Covid-19 pandemic and developing groundbreaking technology in AI and uploading her consciousness to the cloud.

    Composition and Electronics: Roger A. Martinez

    Libretto and Soprano: Alize Francheska Rozsnyai

    Baritone: Tom Sitzler

    Mezzo-Soprano: Kaitlyn Tierney

    Conductor: Sepehr Pirasteh

    Flute: Chelsea Meynig

    Piano: Hannah Han

    Violin: Rachel Segal

    Viola: Veronica Jurkiewicz

    Cello: Leigh Brown