For our first book of artist miscellany, we asked 19 of our friends to explain in 5 steps how to do something.  What we didn’t expect was that they had such a wide range of talents.  We received how-to lists about how to cook an egg, get home, make out (with anyone), and make every beer meaningful, among others.

Here are the contributors to the How To book:

Sam Amidon | John Andrew | Gelsey Bell | Jeremy Bloom Jason Cady | Jeremiah Cymerman | Lillie DeArmon | Andrew Raffo Dewar | Ben Hall | Myryah Irby | Abigail Levine | Jessica Pavone | Paul Pinto | Jonathan Psotka | Dave Ruder | Stephen Rush | Aaron Siegel | Aliza Simons Zoe Singer | Matthew Welch | Nate Wooley

How to order a How To book:

1. email
2. let us know you want a book
3. give us your address
4. pay for postage
5. wait for the mail to come