Experiments in Opera’s inaugural event at (le) Le Poisson Rouge on January 16, 2012 featured excerpts from four works:

Borges and the Other with music by Matthew Welch and a text adapted from Jorge Luis Borge

Happiness is the Problem with music by Jason Cady, libretto by Nadia Berenstein, Jason Cady, and Amy Cimini and graphics by Nadia Berenstein

Sextuor: l’origine des especes with music by George Aperghis and a libretto by François Reginault and Georges Aperghis (based on texts by Charles Darwin and Stephen Jay Gould)

Brother Brother with music and words by Aaron Siegel.

Inaugural Concert Promo Trailer

Interview with Matthew Welch

Interview with Megan Schubert

Interview with Jason Cady

Interview with Aaron Siegel

Sextuor: l’Origine des espéces
Megan Schubert, soprano I
Christie Finn, soprano II
Gelsey Bell, soprano III
Silvie Jensen, mezzo-soprano
Amirtha Kidambi, contralto
Émilie Girard-Charest, cello
Jeremy Bloom, director
Kryssy Wright, lighting designer
Nick DeMaison, conductor
Florent Ghys, supertitles operator

Happiness is the Problem
Lisa Komara, mezzo-soprano
Mimi Watkins, soprano
Megan Schubert, soprano

Brother Brother
Michele Kennedy, Soprano
Patrick Fennig, Countertenor
Al Cerulo, vibraphone
Joe Bergen, vibraphone
Mariel Roberts, Cello
Jessica Pavone, Viola
Dave Ruder, speaker

Borges and the Other
Jeff Gavett, Baritone
James Rogers, Tenor
Leah Paul, Flutes
Karen Waltuch, Viola
David Friend, Piano
Mary Halvorson, Electric Guitar
Matthew Hough, Electric Guitar
Ian Riggs, Bass Guitar
Joe Bergen, Vibraphone
Tomas Fujiwara, Drums
Matthew Welch, Conductor